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Election results for Central St Leonards and Gensing

East Sussex County Council Elections - Tuesday, 2nd April, 2013

Central St Leonards and Gensing - results
Election Candidate Party Votes % Outcome
Councillor Trevor Webb Labour Party 1020 47% Elected
McIver UK Independence Party 452 21% Not elected
Waterfall Conservative Party 349 16% Not elected
Bossano Green Party 228 11% Not elected
Hopgood Liberal Democrats 113 5% Not elected
Voting Summary
Details Number
Seats 1
Total votes 2162
Share of the votes (%)
Councillor Trevor Webb 47% Elected
McIver 21% Not elected
Waterfall 16% Not elected
Bossano 11% Not elected
Hopgood 5% Not elected


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