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Committee details

Constitution of the Council

All public meetings of the council have been cancelled in response to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak.

In line with Government guidance we will not be holding public council meetings until further notice. This is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of residents, Councillors and officers.

Non-essential decisions will have to wait and we will continue to keep residents updated where and when urgent decisions need to be made.

On 18 March full Council agreed urgent new rules to allow the Managing Director to make emergency* and urgent** decisions when Councillors cannot meet.

Under this rule, The Managing Director must check with at least 4 members of the cabinet, one of whom must be an opposition councillor and one to be the Leader or Deputy Leader of the Council before making decisions.

*Emergencies include events covered by our Emergency Plan as well as unprecedented episodes, such as pandemics.

**Urgency means decisions essential to the Council’s operation during an emergency.


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