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Agenda item

CCG Financial Recovery Plan

(Paula Gorvett, Director of Localities and Primary Care)


Paula Gorvett, advised that as part of a national requirement, the provision of Urgent Care is being reviewed and redesigned to provide an Urgent Treatment Centre (UTC), which will end the provision of services being referred to as Walk in Centres, minor injury’s unit or urgent care centres. (See Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee 27th September 2018:


https://democracy.eastsussex.gov.uk/ieListDocuments.aspx?CId=154&MId=3535&Ver=4 )


She stated that there was a clear framework that allowed for a streamlined service for patients with urgent healthcare needs. It was believed that this framework would decrease the amount of fragmentation and confusion for patients that are using the services currently in place.


She stated that there would be two urgent care centres nearby. One would be by the Conquest Hospital in Hastings, the other on the Eastbourne Hospital’s site.


It was said that there would be visits to the GPs included, as well as home visits. The board was told that this would achieve a better service for patients.


Initially, in March 2018, it was agreed by Easy Sussex Better Together to establish Urgent Treatment Centres – co-located within the two district hospitals by April 2019  (namely, at Eastbourne District General Hospital and the Conquest in Hastings)


And to recommission, the NHS ‘111 service’ which following a commissioning process was due to be expanded to include a clinical assessment service providing advice form a clinician who would triage a patient’s needs.

·       Patient self-support advice

·       local pharmacy

·       a home visit

·       urgent treatment requirement

·       accident and emergency

However, in June it was decided to halt the procurement of the NHS 111 service and to start a new procurement process. This will mean the commencement of the revised service is delayed  beyond April 2019.

See the link for further information https://democracy.eastsussex.gov.uk/documents/s21764/Appendix%202%20-%20ESBT%20UTC%20and%20PCEA.pdf


Paula Gorvett advised that this has impacted on the development of the UTC but also provided an opportunity to consider the pre-consultation feedback from early public engagement including  the possible closure of Hastings Walk in Centre and concerns raised over access to services should they be transferred and co-located at the Conquest Hospital

Options for Urgent Treatment Care are being reviewed and reconsidered in lieu of the depth of feeling from local people and organisations regarding the poor access to the Conquest Hospital. The outcome of the review should be known by the Autumn , and further public engagement is planned for in November – December 2018


UTC timelines (extracted from Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee 27th September 2018) https://democracy.eastsussex.gov.uk/ieListDocuments.aspx?CId=154&MId=3535&Ver=4


As part of the review process all options are being considered including how to make best use of the Station Plaza Health centre site, and how it can be best used for the provision of primary health care, set against a back drop of key challenges such as

·       workforce issues (recruitment, retention of staff and an ageing workforce)

·       providing accessible critical services

·       financial constraints 

Concerns were raised about a number of issues

·       the street community are regular users of the WinC, how would their needs be met, PG advised that a full equalities impact assessment will be carried out as part of the review to ensure all communities needs are met.

·       With regard to wider public engagement PG confirmed there will be further public consultation and engagement which will help to ensure local organisations viewpoints can be fed into the process, and that there will be a transparent decision main process.

·       Local mental health needs were highlighted as  a concern for those with experiencing  mental health that ma contact the ‘111 service’ and how these individuals will be supported/ advised, PG confirmed that the local services are still to be agreed and developed, but the pathways would be clear for the launch of the new ‘111 service’.



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