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Agenda and draft minutes

Venue: Council Chamber - Muriel Matters House, Breeds Place, Hastings TN34 3UY. View directions

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No. Item


Notification of Urgent Items


With just over 100 days to go until the general election, Mark Turczanski raised the subject of how we can ensure that we encourage sign up to the electoral role locally. A recent published survey suggested that as little as 52% of residents in Hastings and St Leonards might be registered.

Jane Hartnell replied that the elections arrangements are part of her remit as Head of Corporate Resources at HBC. The elections team have been working hard to engage residents both online and in person in particular at the College and University. Clive Cook also confirmed that a ‘question time’ style event will be held at the college to include the local party candidates. Steve Manwaring also offered the help of the Community Network to encourage individual sign up.


Ron Bennett requested an update at the July Board meeting regarding the Millennium Communities programme with special reference to developments in the Ore Valley area.

Alan Blackwell committed to provide a report for the next meeting.

Action: Alan Blackwell



Declarations of Interest




Minutes and Matters Arising (5 mins)


Minutes from the Last LSP Meeting on 20th October 2014 to approve pdf icon PDF 94 KB


The minutes of the last meeting were agreed as an accurate record with the following amendment:


4b (9) ‘GP First’ should be referred to as ‘Doctor First’.


Matters Arising


Under matters arising:


(5) Further details on the DESSS underspend was circulated to Board members on 7th November 2014.


(9) Richard Watson informed the Board that he is now representing the Clinical Commissioning Group on the LSP in a role which will focus on tackling health inequalities and access to care. He will provide further information on the Doctor First scheme at a future meeting.


Crime and Community Safety


The Future of Policing in Hastings (10 mins)

Chief Supt. Neil Honnor, Sussex Police


Chief Superintendent Neil Honnor informed the Board that Sussex Police are required to make a significant amount of savings now and in the future. Over £50m of savings have already been realised through efficiencies such as collaboration with Surrey Police. However, a further £50m reduction in budgets will be made as a consequence of the Comprehensive Spending review by 2020. To achieve these efficiencies a much more significant impact will be noticed on front line policing services and keeping a physical presence in all communities will not be possible. The Sussex region could be particularly affected as our ratio of central government funding to local precept is higher than other regions. This discrepancy is historic and cannot be altered


Mark Turczanski queried who will pick up the lost services as almost all organisations are subject to the same budget reductions and will prevention be sacrificed for a response based service?

Neil assured the Board that partnership working will still be an essential factor to deliver services and in fact could be more important than ever in light of reduced resources. Prevention and response are seen as equal components to tackle crime.



Crime Figures for Hastings (5 mins)

District Commander, Paul Phelps, Sussex Police


District Commander Paul Phelps gave an update on crime figures for Hastings and other areas for comparative purposes. Although the figures show a rise in violent crime and overall crime, this is not a cause for great concern as it is mainly due to the way figures are now reported. There have been some impressive reductions in crime levels in areas such as dwelling burglary and in Operation Columbus which aims to tackle crimes against foreign students.

The Board queried how will the new response guidelines affect reporting figures?

Paul Phelps responded that all crimes will still be recorded but there will then be further consideration of what investigation, if any, is required.



PREVENT - Counter Terrorism (10 mins)

PC David Law, Sussex Police


PC David Law gave a presentation on the PREVENT safeguarding process which aims to support and protect those who might be susceptible to radicalisation and violent extremism and divert them away before any crime is committed.  Referrals are assessed and supported through a multi-agency approach and Hastings is currently categorised as a ‘tier 3’ area, one with a very low referral rate.



Changes to Anti-Social Behaviour (10 mins)

Mike Fagan, HBC


Mike Fagan gave an overview of the Anti-Social Behaviour Crime and Policing Act 2014.  The Act commenced in Oct 2014 and has introduced new powers and provisions to deal with anti-social behaviour and put victims first.



Crime and Community Safety Discussion


The Board thanked all the officers for their presentations and information. They recognised the positive developments over the last few years in reducing crime, bolstering community confidence and working with partners to achieve these aims. Learning from the successes and building upon the partnership approach will be essential if we are not to regress as a result of the austerity measures that all organisations are experiencing. The LSP are well placed to prevent the isolation of services and continue dialogue and reporting between partners.

It was agreed that monitoring any changes in the crime figures should be undertaken by the LSP Executive Delivery Group.



Fulfilling Lives Project (10 mins)

Jo Rogers and Nikki Homewood, BHT


Nikki Homewood and Jo Rogers from Brighton Housing Trust were in attendance along with Mike Cornish from the Seaview project to give a presentation to the Board on the ‘Fulfilling Lives’ project which supports people with multiple and complex needs. Hastings is one of twelve areas nationally which is benefitting from this funding and HBC is one of the statutory core group members along with other local authorities and voluntary sector representatives. It is hoped that this project will achieve long term improvements in systems, commissioning and policy through improved outcomes measurement, evaluation and shared learning.

The Board extended their thanks for the presentation and welcomed the aims of the project. An update for the October Board meeting was requested.



Draft Terms of Reference for the LSP - for approval (5 mins) pdf icon PDF 62 KB



The revised LSP terms of reference (TOR) was distributed for comments. This has updated the previous TOR from 2009 to give more focus to the role of the LSP, its commitment to the town and recognise its importance in partnership working.

The members welcomed the revision and recognised that our LSP is still thriving and attracting high level and committed representation from a wide range of partners. HCN pointed out that the constitution of the voluntary sector representatives may need further amendment as it still refers to the now defunct area management system.



Director of Public Health Report (5 mins) pdf icon PDF 43 KB

Martina Pickin, ESCC


Martina Pickin presented the recently published annual public health report to the Board. This year’s report focusses on building resilience and how to develop identified assets.  The second part of the report uses a new tool, the Wellbeing and Resilience Measure (WARM), to provide further analysis of individual areas strengths and weaknesses. A breakdown of how wards within Hastings have performed using this tool was distributed.

The Board received the report with interest. More work will need to be carried out into the best way to make use of the information but it could be a useful resource in work planning and commissioning of services. An EDG subgroup to consider how to use the information most effectively was suggested, this will go on the agenda for the next meeting on 17th March.



Regeneration Update pdf icon PDF 70 KB


The accompanying report supplied for information was noted.


Family Keywork pdf icon PDF 414 KB


The accompanying report supplied for information was noted.



Seawater Bathing Quality Update pdf icon PDF 42 KB


The accompanying report supplied for information was noted.



Executive Delivery Group Notes 17th December 2014 pdf icon PDF 60 KB


The notes of the LSP Board’s Executive Delivery Group held on 17th December 2014 were received for information.


East Sussex Strategic Partnership Notes 30th Oct 2014 pdf icon PDF 90 KB

Next meeting is in Hastings Town Hall 3rd Feb 2015, 10am-12pm. Observers are welcome to attend.


The notes of the ESSP Board held on 30th October 2014 were received for information.



Next Meeting Dates


Future meeting dates for 2015 were noted for:


27th April 2015, venue to be confirmed

20th July 2015, Town Hall Council Chamber

19th October 2015, Town Hall Council Chamber


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